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On July, 13th 2018, the conference “Intangible cultural heritage in the Danube Region – a national asset or a contribution to European identity?” was held. Approximately 120 representatives from 13 countries in the Danube area participated. Apart from lectures about cultural heritage as a contribution to European identity, partner groups reported about their experiences with the method “Bread as a social event” that they implemented in their institutions or baking houses. Additionally, the results of the baking house documentation as places of communitarisation along the Danube river and the mills were presented.

Workshops in the afternoon (in English and German):
W 1: Building Bridges for Europe – Methods in Adult Education
W 2: Heritage and Projects
W 3: National Traditions and Cultural Heritage
W 4: Women’s Projects and Gender Debates along the Danube
W 5: Bread Connects. Bread brings us together
W 6: The wanted Danube. Learning Game for Young and Old (ODDA)
W 7: Open Doors for all Danube countries for All (ODDA) – Overcoming Language Barriers
Non-public Workshop
W 8: Bread connects: International Workshop for Apprentice Baker

You can find the program in English here: Program_danube-heritage-conference2018 EN

In the evening, the Danube-Networkers were celebrating their 10-year anniversary at Haus der Begegnung in Ulm.